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When I grow up, I want to be just like you by mclelun

I found out that there are some peoples using my name and artwork as their profile pic/avatar to register account. Pretending they are the real "mclelun". This is usually not a problem for me, if he/she just use my artwork as profile picture.

But if he/she is using both my name and artwork, then went on to post on sensitive topics like politics/religion. Then, it will definitely create some confusion among peoples that I know. I am just going to list down which site is official from me.










For forum, pretty much I just visit these below,,,

Others "mclelun" you found are probably fake.
Thanks :D
Work on some simple programming after a long break from it. Just a simple tools to make your own pixel avatar.
Still work in progress, but you can test it here now in my website…
No iPhone, no samsung android, no window lumia phone.

Just good old nokia symbian, probably the last generation of symbian phone, Nokia 808 PureView.

I have taken a few photos with this king of camera phone. Images in my blog…
Just complete a short animation, the "snow" button. Watch in HD at my vimeo page

More info about this animation in my blog…
nearly complete a short animation trailer project and I think it is good to share now.

Info, screenshot, video in my blog.…
Just upload another video of anime wannabe
Just upload my first video in vimeo using some of my makoto shinkai wannabe painting.
I love you all <3. really
I am already 30. WTF?!

Looking at how successful most of my friends are, I start to wonder what I had been doing
So I have a bit of free time for this 2 weeks and thinking to draw something. I switch on my PC and went to bath. Then, I heard a sound like something had exploded. I went back in my room and saw my PC is dead. I think it was the power supply. Damn sad, I was using it to do aftereffects, vue, rendering. all power hungry task all this while, and it run perfectly fine. It just exploded when I leave it there and do nothing. and to add salt to the wound, this is a new 64bit PC that I just bought 3 months ago.
Quite busy, a lot of post-production work need to be done.
Problem is I am an actionscripter, not really a "special effect/3d" guy. But that ok, I enjoy this new work scope.
I am only worry about my programming skill, it had been 8 months since I did any programming. :/
So, looking at all this girls setting up their own fan page on facebook.
I think I can have one also, at least I have a better reason, to show my artwork over there.…

on a side note,
+1 to stolen artwork count, I just notice someone took my artwork and release it as a wallpaper pack on itune. sucks
I need to go shopping, everyday wearing the same crap is boring.
I am lazy to update this journal thing, but you can come to my blog and see what I am up to.
oh wait, I am lazy to update my blog too. damn!
A new year. I was thinking maybe this year I won't be spending so much time on drawing. I need to focus back on programming, since that is what I do to earn money.

Arghhh... but I like drawing. and programming also. Maybe I can force myself to draw faster so I wont spend all my time on drawing only. I got so many interesting ideas that I want to draw, and so many interesting ideas to script in Flash.

Time always not enough for someone like me, who like to draw and script.
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Too bad, my tinnitus problem getting worse last Saturday. On the bright side, the problem wasn't as serious today. What can I say? Now I am officially an artist (as a lot of artist have tinnitus problem)
What a stupid way to calm myself down